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Why We Gather

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

We are a community and a movement with the intention to transform ourselves, our work, and the field of Organizational and Leadership Development to be more fully aligned with life. Core to this intention is a pattern of gathering in person to immerse ourselves in shared reflection, deepening relationship, and the wisdom of nature. We find renewed clarity and courage from these days together. And the resonance that remains brings life to our conversations over Zoom and email in the months that follow. We continue to learn together; we act in the world in new ways; and the sense of solidarity sustains us.  The next such gathering – the first in North America – is coming up March 20-23, 2024. At a recent meeting, the three of us who are core stewards and hosts of the gathering reflected on what we are dreaming of for the experience. This is what we each said:

Michelle: At a basic human level, I’d love for it to feel good, like a delightful party, with a sense of flow and ease. At another level, I’d love to feel that we’re all connected with a deeper field of intention and possibility. I’d love to feel that the conversation can continue in North America and more is possible now because we’re connected through joy and responsibility. I’d love for us to feel the power that comes from shared experience, the solidarity of friendship, connection with the land, and Indigenous guidance. And I’d love for that to give us more courage in our different contexts.

Din: In my vision, we are connected as a field, with intention, so collective wisdom can emerge. We’re personally strengthened. Courage comes from that. We feel warmth from this field. We feel encouraged to help shift the field of OD. There is a wave of wisdom coming with this gathering. And it is then woven into the OD for Life movement.

Janet: I have a desire to create a space where people can detach from the systems that call them to do work a certain way simply because that’s the way it is. For them to release and be present with themselves so they can start to be present with each other. Creating a space where people can share their voice and their stories, almost as a way of healing. It’s letting go, arriving, dropping, releasing, being in a space that feels safe and supportive so dreaming can happen. Exploring what can happen beyond this gathering. Creating a space where people can share with their whole hearts and unlock something in themselves. It’s unlocking something for the collective – those who are gathered, but also beyond. Creating the foundation for all of us to go forward and do or be something different in the work.  It’s also about the formation of community – threads that can form new networks, new people to turn toward. And it’s finding people with whom you can be co-dreamers, who may be a few steps ahead in doing and being. The connection of community is really potent. It happens organically. It can’t be forced. So I’m kinda hoping for some magic, too. Also, March is a transition time. So, holding space for that transition.

Please join us if this is also your dream.

March 20-23, 2024  Ecology Retreat Centre Ontario, Canada

May 8-11, 2024 Yugenforest The Netherlands  (details & registration to follow)

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